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Welcome to Cub Scouting and welcome to Pack 3512, affiliated with Granger United Methodist Church, Granger, Ohio.

We strive to provide a fun and safe Cub Scouting program for boys and girls from 1st to 5th grade. Each year, as well as working with kids in their own grade towards Cub Scout rank requirements, your child will be offered the opportunity to mix with all the children in the Pack and their families at monthly Pack meetings and at a myriad of other events for example camp-outs, Pinewood Derby car racing, Blue and Gold Banquet and our annual holiday party to name but a few.

We hope that by laying out our Pack policies we might prevent any surprises regarding what is expected of your child, yourself and of the Den and Pack.

Dues and Expenses

Yearly Dues $90, Popcorn Sales Goal $300

The dues and popcorn sales are use to fund all of our various Scouting activities, including:

  • Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout registration fee
  • Subscription to Boys’ Life magazine
  • Pack fees which include:
  • Advancement patches, pins and awards
  • Cub Scout Handbook, year specific
  • Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts and families
  • Pack Spring Camp-out Site Rental Fees
  • Entertainment at our first Pack meeting of the year and any materials needed for other Pack meetings and events
  • Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Other costs to you will include:

  • Uniform for your Cub Scout, see the Uniform page for more information
  • Any costs associated with Den or Pack field trips

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you can volunteer to be part of your son’s Cub Scouting experience and to help with the running of the Pack. Each parent or adult partner will be asked to complete a Pack Committee Sign-Up Sheet and a Family Talent Survey Sheet when they register their son to the Pack. These sheets will help the Pack Leadership to identify which areas you are interested in helping in.

Volunteer opportunities exist in the following areas:

  • Pack and Den Leadership
  • Committee Membership including:
  • Popcorn Sale Coordinator
  • Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Pack Spring Campout
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Summer Activities Coordinator

These are just a few examples. By expressing an interest in helping with any of these, it does not necessarily mean being in charge or leading these activities – help comes in large and small ways, but it all helps to keep the Pack running smoothly.

What should you expect of the leadership?

All leaders are VOLUNTEERS and work many hours to provide the boys with the best program that they can – the Leadership commitment to your son and to you is very important and includes the following:

• Den Leaders and Pack Leaders will provide a quality program which is both safe and fun for your son

• Den Leaders and Pack Leaders will provide the opportunities for your son to achieve his rank requirements but please bear in mind that there IS work to be done AT HOME too

• Den Leaders and Pack Leaders will communicate with you on a timely basis about upcoming events

• Den Leaders and Pack Leaders will be there to answer your questions about the Cub Scout program and to help your son with any problems that he may be having in achieving rank

• Den Leaders and Pack Leaders will try to keep a regular schedule of events although certain things such as field trips or community service projects cannot necessarily be scheduled at regular meeting times. You will be provided with a Pack calendar for the year when you sign up and a Den calendar at your first Den meeting so that you can add dates to your family calendars well in advance

If at any time your feel that these obligations are NOT being met, PLEASE contact the Pack Leadership immediately so that adjustments can be made

How can I help my son have a good Cub Scout experience?

• See that he has and wears the proper uniform and that he has his Cub Scout rank specific handbook, which is provided by the Pack, to work from:

  • Tiger Cubs – 1st Grade
  • Wolf Cubs – 2nd Grade
  • Bear Cubs – 3rd Grade
  • 1st Year Webelos Scouts – 4th Grade
  • 2nd Year Webelos Scouts – 5th Grade

• Assist him by getting him to his Den meetings, outings and monthly Pack meetings on time – he cannot enjoy Cub Scouts if he misses half the meetings!

• Work with him to complete his achievements towards rank – most importantly READ the handbook and UNDERSTAND what your son needs to achieve – Take an active role – We depend on your help for your son to achieve rank

• Check for e-mail or telephone messages from Den Leaders and Pack Leaders regularly so that you can keep up to date with the activities that are being offered

• Return all forms and permission slips on time for outings, field trips, camp-outs, etc on time – some need to be booked far in advance of their date.

• Support his Den Leader and VOLUNTEER to lead a Den meeting or to arrange a field trip, or lead a pack event each year

• Agree to serve the Pack in some volunteer capacity – there are LOTS of opportunities to help out, big and small

• Be there with your son and attend Den and Pack meetings and events with him – Cub Scouts is NOT a “drop off and pick up later” program, it is a family “be there and get involved with the activity” program. YOU are responsible for your son’s behavior and any adjustments in behavior that need to be made at Cub Scouting events and meetings

• Provide feedback – positive and negative – to the Den and Pack leadership about the program. If they don’t know that you were unhappy about something, they can’t fix it. If they don’t know that you enjoyed something, they might not do it again!

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